Our History

Feed My Lambs Ministry formed officially in November 2009, but the ministry truly began when Phillip Rego (founder of FMLM) went to Haiti in 2008. Phillip’s first trip to Haiti was to help with a large feeding program after the island was struck by four major storms – and his heart never left.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW BRIEF VIDEO

The average child in Haiti has never been to a doctor, never attended school and never slept in a real bed.

Once known as the Jewel of the Antilles and the richest colony in the world, Haiti is now known as the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

Phillip wanted to provide not only shelter, food and education to the children but also a sense that they had a future of opportunity ahead of them.

Following the devastation caused by a series of debilitating storms and an earthquake in 2010, and with the support of many generous donors, FMLM purchased a property in 2016.

The compound has grown to include an orphanage and a school

Our orphanage is home to 63 children and at our school we are educating over 700 children from the surrounding community.

A medical clinic soon followed, run by a health-care team that includes a full-time doctor, a lab assistant, a nurse, and a pharmacist, serving over 350 people every month.

FMLM also continues food distribution to the community.

Most recently, a donation of a shipping container full of 60,000 nutritious meals was distributed by volunteer groups to Feed My Lambs’ local community, to people on the nearby island of La Gonave, and to people in the surrounding mountains.

Volunteer groups and donors from Bermuda and North America were essential in building all of these facilities

Our facilities are further served by solar panels to generate power, a fresh water well, water purification system and drip irrigation for a large garden.

Over the past two years, a slat house for growing seedlings and chickens have been added. Growing and raising food on site to supplement the staple beans and rice diet generates significant savings every month.

All-Haitian staff care for and teach the children and manage and maintain the property.

Change a child’s life today

Your support will provide a child with an education, a school uniform, school shoes, school supplies, a backpack and more importantly hope. Hope for a brighter future… a future filled with possibilities.