What We Do

FMLM formed officially in November 2009 but the ministry truly began when Phillip Rego (who used to own a very successful landscaping business in Bermuda) first went to Haiti in 2008 to help with a huge feeding programme after the island was struck by four major storms. His heart never left Haiti.

Every child offers something special

Our work in Haiti helps provide nourishment, education and shelter for our children. Together with our children, supporters and partners, we work to support them to learn, grow and become who they want to be. 

We find new ways to reach children who need us most, no matter where they’re growing up.

For over a decade we’ve stood up for our Haitian children and made sure their voices are heard and their dreams become reality.

Over the past decade we have helped more children survive by:

  • Building an orphanage to house 63 children
  • Established Feed My Lambs Academy to provide education for over 700 students
  • Built a dental clinic, medical clinic, sewing room and a vegetable garden
  • Built a partnership with Food for Kids to provide a range of nutritious food
  • Fundraising to help our children receive higher education at the University in Port Au Prince and the Dominican Republic


children in education


children in orphanage


meals provided weekly


meals donated to the local community


former students attending university or taking a vocation


former students are university graduates

Helping children survive

We are relentless in our fight to help the children of Haiti to receive Nourishment, Education and Shelter by working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners.


We work to ensure children receive nutritious food on a daily basis. Without enough food or proper nutrition, children face a variety of setbacks that can derail their path out of poverty. 


We promote free, equal access to quality education for all our children – from early learning to higher education in Haiti and beyond.


Every child deserves the right to a home. Access to stable, adequate shelter plays a major role in the health and wellbeing of our children and in particular provides children with a safe environment.