Our orphanage started as a transition home for 11 displaced children, now we have 63 children.

It serves as a safe haven for rejected and disadvantaged children who have either lost their parents or have been abandoned at our doorstep by the people they trusted the most. 

In 2015, solar panels and a water purification plant were installed.

This made a huge difference to everyone at the orphanage and school as there is virtually no electricity or uncontaminated water in the area.

Not only could they use electricity for lighting but the children were able to have showers with pure water which helped to reduce infection.

In 2016 we were able to purchase a property and establish a garden to help feed our students.

All thanks to the support of our generous donors.

Over the past two years we have added chicken and a slat house for growing seedlings.

Growing our own food helps us realize significant savings each month compared to buying at the market. 

In 2016 we also opened the doors at our Medical Clinic.

We offer free medical and dental services to the community including our students. The clinic is staffed with a doctor, a head nurse, a lab technician, and a pharmacist. 

Change a child’s life today

Your support will provide a child with an education, a school uniform, school shoes, school supplies, a backpack and more importantly hope. Hope for a brighter future… a future filled with possibilities.