Many of the school children don’t eat every day because their families have very little money.

The children that we serve struggle every day to find food let alone to be able to attend school. 

Many of our children regularly fainted from hunger at School Assembly before the Feeding Program was started.

Sometimes they are given “cakes” made from mud to satisfy their hunger – this has no nutritional value and promotes diseases due to contamination.

With our feeding program, we provide three nourishing meals a week costing $0.60 per meal.

Usually the meal consists of rice and beans and this might be served with coconut and a vegetable sauce.

At present meals are provided three times a week but hopefully this can be increased to every school day if we can raise sufficient funds.

Nourishment of the brain and body is essential for the children to benefit from the education they are given.

A dedicated kitchen has been built for this program and a few Haitian women and men are employed for cooking and supervising these meals.

Change a child’s life today

Your support will provide a child with an education, a school uniform, school shoes, school supplies, a backpack and more importantly hope. Hope for a brighter future… a future filled with possibilities.