We welcome all donations to our charity and no donation is too small. Details on our various activities are below, or you can choose to sponsor a child.

Academy School Feeding Program 

Many of the school children don’t eat every day because their families have very little money. Sometimes they are given “cakes” made from mud to satisfy their hunger – this has no nutritional value and promotes diseases due to contamination. Many of our children regularly fainted from hunger at School Assembly before the Feeding Program was started.

In the last three months, we have fed 16,802 school children at a cost of $600 a week. Usually the meal consists of rice and beans and this might be served with coconut and a vegetable sauce. At present meals are provided three times a week but hopefully this can be increased to every school day if we can raise sufficient funds.

A dedicated kitchen has been built for this program and a few Haitian women and men are employed for cooking and supervising these meals. Nourishment of the brain and body is essential for the children to benefit from the education they are given.

Provide food for our children

Our school feeding programme gives you the option to make a regular monthly donation or one time donation.

We provide meals to 650—700 FML Academy students, three times a week and each meal costs $0.50. You can donate as much or as little as you like to help us.

This program is partially supported by proceeds from Feed My Lambs table at monthly Car Boot Sales at St. Mark’s Church and Peace Lutheran Church.

Please mark your donation as “Feeding Program”

Operation Backpack

A donation of $25 will help us purchase a backpack filled with age-appropriate school supplies for a child at FML Academy.

For many of our children, a backpack will be the first gift they have ever received. This backpack will be provided at the beginning of the school year with vital supplies included.

Please mark your donation as “Operation Backpack”

Garden Project 

Our Garden project enables our volunteers to purchase seeds, seedlings, fertilizer, equipment and livestock like chickens and goats.

Donating to our Garden project can be done on a one-off or regular basis and provides vital support in helping our team to feed all of the children at the Academy. Not only does it guarantee food, but it also provides much needed support to facilitate healthy meal prep and provision for all of our children.

Please mark your donation as “Garden Project”

Maintain Feed My Lambs

Regular maintenance helps protect our buildings and compound from routine wear and tear, guards against the yearly threat of hurricanes and also helps to keep everyone safe. 

Our maintenance program helps avoid emergency repairs which tend to be more costly in the long run, and as we all know, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Donating to our maintenance programme can be done on a one-off or regular basis and we appreciate all donations – large or small.

Please mark your donation as “Maintenance Donation”

Making a donation

We welcome all donations to our charity and no amount is too small.

If you wish to support a specific activity, please mark your donation accordingly.

Legacy Donations

Without legacies and support from people who are no longer with us, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

By remembering Feed My Lambs in your will via a legacy donation or donating in memory of a loved one, you will leave a lasting gift to the children of Haiti.

No matter how small, your contributions make a huge difference to the work we do at Feed My Lambs and will help us to nourish, shelter and educate our children.

Step 1:

Email Marianne Herbert at or with your intention to support FMLM in your will.

Step 2:

Money can be sent to us via any of the methods here – please mark your donation accordingly.

Step 3:

Family members can confirm the date of the donation via email and we will reply to confirm the donation by email.