Your sponsorship will be the beginning of a brand new chapter in the life of a child here in Haiti. Most of the children at the Feed My Lambs Academy come from families that live in such extreme and abject poverty that they cannot afford the most basic of life’s necessities.

In far too many cases, the only decent meals the children eat are at our school.

Your generous sponsorship allows Feed My Lambs Academy to give these wonderful children the opportunity of a better life – a life with daily nourishment, education and to provide a roof over their head.

There are no administration fees or payroll employees to eat up your donation. Private donors cover our operating costs so you can give, knowing your whole gift will go to our children in Haiti. Feed My Lambs is operated by dedicated people and is completely voluntary.

Your sponsorship will cover the cost of:

Medical Care

School Supplies
Daily Meals

Sponsor a child today

To sponsor a student at Feed My Lambs Academy, $300 a year is all it takes.

This includes all of the different elements listed above. We encourage all sponsors to sponsor our children continuously, so that we can provide nourishment, education and shelter for them for the duration of their stay with us. You have no obligation to remain as a sponsor, but we encourage you if you can to do so.

We thank you again for your continued support and generous donations. All of you are invaluable to this charity and we would not be able to continue our work if not for you

Start Your Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship can be made twice yearly with each payment being $126 or one payment yearly in the amount of $252

Step 1:

Email Diana Martin at dianabermuda@icloud.com or Phillip Rego at feedmylambsministry@gmail.com with details of your sponsorship request.

Step 2:

Money can be sent to us via any of the methods – please mark your donation as “Excellence Program”

Step 3:

Confirm the date of your donation via email and we will reply to confirm your donation and send you details of your chosen child.

Child Sponsorship FAQ

If you want to find out more about how your sponsorship can change a child’s life then read our frequently asked questions.

How will joining the FMLM Child Sponsorship Program help?

Poverty is more than a lack of material possessions. With poverty often comes a lack of hope that requires compassion, love, and encouragement to overcome. Even those of us who are comfortable materially may be just as vulnerable to falling into hopelessness when it comes to our desire to make a difference.

Sponsorship is a relationship that aims to overcome this by pairing a sponsor outside Haiti with a child inside Haiti.  As a sponsor, you personally invest in a child’s future by encouraging them through your prayers, letters and even visits. When you register to become a sponsor you will receive a sponsor welcome kit with your sponsored child’s photo and story along with tips to help you get started. 

Sponsors and children write letters to one another, and sponsors may also visit the child in Haiti if the wish. Sponsors commit to support the program from which his or her sponsored child and many other children benefit with a monthly contribution of  $45 per month or $500 per year.

100% of your sponsorship payment goes to the children in need, none of it goes toward the administrative expenses of this program. Sponsors may also contribute additional funds towards specific FMLM projects or generally in support of FMLM. Each child in the FMLM Child Sponsorship Program has the opportunity to be matched with only one sponsor at a time, to increase the opportunities for a vital relationship to develop.

This personal relationship between sponsor and child carries the potential to be transformational both in the child’s life and the life of the sponsor. 

The aim of our sponsorship program is to insure that each child at the FMLM Home in Haiti:

  • Enjoys good health
  • Is educated for life
  • Is cared for, protected, and participating in decisions that affect their lives; and
  • Experiences the emergence of hope in their lives.
What Do Sponsors Receive?

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • Welcome Letter from the Founder Phillip Rego
  • Introduction Fact Sheet on the child including photos and their personal history as well as health and educational reports
  • Updates every year including current photos, health and education reports
  • The opportunity to exchange personal letters/cards with the child
  • The opportunity to visit with the child at the FMLM Home in Haiti; and
  • The joy of knowing that you have changed the life of a child forever… priceless
Am I the only sponsor for my sponsored child?

Yes. FMLM assigns only one sponsor per sponsored child in order to allow a personal relationship to develop.

Can I choose which child I sponsor?

We cannot guarantee which specific child will be assigned to you if you become a sponsor, as sometimes the children move to another part of Haiti or are unable to continue to attend school for various reasons beyond FML control. If one child does stop attending school, another child is assigned to active sponsors.

How long does child sponsorship last?

Ideally, child sponsorship is a long-term commitment. But how long child sponsorship lasts will be different for each sponsor.

As sponsorships are renewed annually in October with one reminder sent in September. We highly recommend that you set a calendar reminder and/or set up a recurring payment for yourself for each payment you wish to make, or as an annual reminder.

Having no admin or staff outside of Haiti (we want our funds to go to the carers, teachers and staff in Haiti), we do not have the resources to make multiple requests/followups. Therefore we ask our sponsors and donors to keep Haiti in their minds, hearts and prayers and help as and when you are able.

What if I need to cancel? Is it a contract?

We encourage sponsors to view sponsorship as a long-term commitment. But a sponsor can cancel at any time, for any reason. We understand that circumstances change over time. If you are unable to make regular payments either temporarily or permanently, we can assist you with a range of options. If you do need to cancel your sponsorship, we will inform your sponsored child and we will ensure your sponsored child is made available for sponsorship by another family or individual.

How can I make my sponsorship payments?

Sponsors can pay monthly or annually by depositing into Feed My Lambs Ministry Accounts, click here for payment information. Please reference “Sponsorship Payment” and your child’s name when depositing funds.

Can I send designated gifts or clothing to my sponsored child?

We feel it best not to send gifts to your child as it may lead to comparisons and jealousy between the children. We do make the exception at Christmas time.  FMLM will also purchase gifts to make sure that no child is left out and every child receives a gift if their sponsors are unable to participate in this gift giving time.

How do I correspond with my sponsored child?

We encourage you to connect with your sponsored child. Sponsored children love to receive letters and cards from their sponsors and it can be a great source of encouragement for them to know that someone far away cares about them and their future. Send your letter to us via email: dianabermuda@icloud.com. We will ensure they are communicated to the child(ren).

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Yes if you wish!  Organized group trips are planned 4-6 times a year. It’s a rewarding way to see firsthand how your contributions are helping to make a difference and to get to know your sponsor child personally and see all that FMLM has accomplished in Montrouis with the generous donations and hard work of our supporters, volunteers and sponsors like you.

Dear friends, when you choose to sponsor a child at the FMLM Home, you help the world because you are investing in people. You are helping to train doctors, nurses, engineers, administrators, teachers, police officers but more importantly healthy, loving and caring citizens.

Thank you for changing a child’s life.