Our Team

AT FMLM, we come to work every day to help create a lasting change for children who need it most. Our team is dedicated to making Haitian children’s lives better and to turn their dreams of education and prosper, into reality. 

Who We Are

To find the best resolutions to the problems our children face we listen to the experts – the children themselves. Our aim is to help them reach their full potential by listening to their ideas and putting them into action.

Phillip Rego


I first visited Haiti in 2008 to distribute $20,000 worth of food for another orphanage. This trip changed my life forever as a year later I opened up a home for 11 orphaned children in a partially finished house in Montrouis, Haiti. What started as a transition house for 11 children soon evolved into an orphanage for 63 children, and a school for 700 students. Each year the compound has progressed with the help of our partners and donations from Bermuda and beyond.

Kelly Guillaume

Vice President

Jean Michel Charles


Jean Cantave

Head of Security

Onel Romelus


Maurice Marie Elfaite Raymond

Orphanage Manager

Marie Bien-Aimise Paul


Wilgens Eglaüs

School Principle

Simeon Jean Serge

School Secretary

Presendieu Frantz

School Prefect