09 Sep 21 / Blog

CONTAINERS FOR HAITI – What you need to know NOW

Thank you for your patience. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of BGA and People’s Pharmacy, the first container has been filled with much-needed non-perishable food and other items and medical supplies.

FMLM has now secured a second container, and we know there are many of you who have been gathering and organising items to donate for the Feed My Lambs Orphanage and Academy. Please read the following carefully, as we must proceed safely and in an organised, considerate and mindful way, given current covid situation and need for social distancing.

  • ONLY BOXED ITEMS, in boxes labelled with Donor Name, What is Inside, and Number of Box (eg 1/3, 2/3, 3/3) will be accepted. NO BAGS.
  • ITEMS NEEDED include SUMMER clothing and shoes that are clean and in good condition for men, women and children; backpacks, school supplies, non-perishable food and hygiene items. NO WINTER CLOTHING PLEASE. It is hot in Haiti!
  • VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to assist with receiving donations, recording for manifest, and packing container. It is anticipated we will be able to start loading the second container this coming weekend and during next week. If you are available to assist please contact Linda Rego (Adderley) at 536-3613. Linda will be doing up the schedule for receiving goods. (Students needing volunteer hours VERY welcome!).
  • IF YOU WISH TO DONATE your boxed items, please contact Diana Martin by email: dianabermuda@icloud.com. She will let you know where and when according to the schedule and your availability to take the items to the container.
  • IF YOU WISH TO CONTRIBUTE FUNDS towards the cost of shipping the container and general help in Haiti, please CLICK HERE or DONATE button on our website.

Many many thanks and much appreciation to BGA, People’s Pharmacy and all of you who have assisted in bringing this to fruition, from Feed My Lambs Ministry and the children and staff in Haiti. These containers from our generous and caring supporters in Bermuda will bring much joy and hope to many in Haiti who have suffered so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!