17 Sep 21 / Blog

Help and Hope for Haiti and Thank You Bermuda!

WOW! TWO, not one, but TWO containers filled! There is no doubt in our minds that Bermuda residents are among the most generous, caring, kind, considerate people in the world. The outpouring of support for Feed My Lambs Ministry’s campaign to fill a container to send to Haiti for our orphanage, school and community after the earthquake and covid devastation has left us humbled and touched. There simply are not adequate or sufficient words to express our deep appreciation to all of you who volunteered your time, donated funds and collected clothing, shoes, non-perishables, toiletries, medical supplies and more. You boxed them up beautifully! In addition, we received amazing donations of food, water, medical supplies, dental equipment, backpacks, clothing, a place to work and more from BGA, People’s Pharmacy, Marsh McLellan, Barritt’s, Vetsmith, BHB, Bermuda Police Department, Peace Lutheran Church, Organise Solutions Bda (and others – please forgive us if we do not list everyone). Thank you, thank you, thank you–from everyone who is involved with Feed My Lambs Ministry in Bermuda, in Colorado, and last, but definitely not least, in HAITI! Help is on it’s way, and hope springs eternal there.