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Our CONTAINER is on the way and we will provide information about where it is and what days/times we are able to accept donated goods. IMPORTANT TO NOTE the following, as you can prepare now. We will only have two or three days to load the container before it must be moved:

  1. We will be accepting non-perishable food items, men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and shoes in good condition, backpacks, medical supplies, school supplies like coloured pencils, pens, pencils, paper, puzzles, (French only) children’s books. NO TOYS.
  2. All items MUST BE IN LABELLED BOXES. NO BAGS or loose items. Labels must have name of donor, description of items (eg men’s and women’s shoes, backpacks, etc.) and must be numbered. If 3 boxes, then 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3. This is required for the manifest and no exceptions will be made!
  3. We will publish on this website and on facebook the days and times we will be accepting donated goods.
  4. We will provide contact information for our coordinator, and you are asked to contact that person if you are able to help with receiving and packing items in container, and to arrange the days/times to help and/or bring in your boxes.

Many thanks all, and thank you for your patience.

Haiti suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake on August 15th. The earthquake struck during a time of unrest and uncertainty due to a political crisis when president Jovenel Moise was assassinated (July 7th). Following the earthquake, Haiti has endured the brunt of Tropical Storm (almost Hurricane) Grace, which passed over the Island. Flooding is now further exacerbating the already horrendous conditions in the impoverished country. Phillip Rego, Bermudian founder of Feed My Lambs Ministry, has been able to reassure us that the children and staff at Feed My Lambs Ministry’s school and orphanage are safe and unharmed. In his words, “….Hunger is the major problem in Haiti – even before the earthquake many families had to go for two to three days a week with no food….”. Read the article in August 18th Royal Gazette here:


There are many organisations such as World Vision, Red Cross and more, who specialise in disaster relief and have the capacity to deal with the logistics required to assist during turbulent times. Bermuda Red Cross has also launched a fundraising drive to help those impacted by the quake: https://bernews.com/2021/08/bermuda-red-cross-launch-appeal-for-haiti/

We focus on specific assistance for our children and local staff at the FMLM orphanage, the school and FMLM university students in Port au Prince. Additionally we distribute food when we are able and access to our medical clinic for as many as we can from the nearby villages, mountains and surrounding area. Phillip has received hundreds of calls, emails and texts from people who want to help. Please stay tuned to our website and facebook page as he finalises plans to organise a container shipment for Haiti – clothing, children’s shoes, non-perishable food (canned and dried food, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, rice, etc.), soaps, disinfectants, backpacks, school supplies etc. Any monetary gift, large or small, accompanying your donated items are much appreciated and will help to pay for the container. Please email philrego58@gmail.com for more information, and CLICK HERE TO DONATE towards the purchase of much-needed supplies to send in the container and for the shipping. You can also see previous newsletters on this website for other much-needed items and repair work at the FMLM orphanage and school.