12 May 22 / Blog

Meet Our People – FMLM 2

Welcome to the second in our 2022 series of newsletters to introduce you to the people who live and work in Feed My Lambs Ministy’s community in Montrouis (pronounced MonWee) Haiti. Please take a few minutes to read (click on the links provided in bold type) the HISTORY of this amazing charity and about what has been accomplished over the past 15 years. None of this would be possible without financial contributions and volunteers’ time. It is impossible to adequately express the sincere gratitude that we know every single person involved with this work and benefitting from your support feels. We hope you enjoy these stories.

We are pleased to introduce you today to Daphnica Pierre, who has been living in the Feed My Lambs Ministry orphanage and attending the Academy since 2011. Onel Romelus, a successful graduate of FML Academy and then university, now a teacher and manager at Feed My Lambs Ministry, tells us her story….

“Daphnica, the youngest of several children, was living with her mother on a Haitian Island, La Gonaave. Her mother was ill, and a friend of her mother’s took her to the mainland to live in Montrouis. This was a difficult life for many reasons, and fortune led them to visit the Feed My Lambs orphanage. Taty, who is “the mother of the orphanage”, caring for the children there for many years, recognised her plight, and sought further information about the child and her family. She learned that Daphnica’s mother had passed away after a long period of illness. Taty was unable to learn anything about the father. It was said that he had passed away too. So Daphnica was taken into the orphanage programme and started attending Feed My Lambs Academy as well.

Daphnica at school at Feed My Lambs Academy 2022

She is now in grade 11 with two more years left of high school. Daphnica would like to study Administrative Management so that she can help not just Feed My Lambs Ministry in the future, but also her family and her community. She says, “God Bless You” to all supporters, donors and volunteers at Feed My Lambs Ministry, and wishes to express how very thankful she is for the opportunities she has enjoyed as a result of this programme”.

SPRINGTIME – planting has begun!

‘Tis that time of year to get the ground prepared and the seeds and seedlings into the good earth to provide for the community at Feed My Lambs Ministry. FMLM is fortunate that so many good people, including Bermuda’s own farmer Tom Wadson and many other volunteers over time, have helped to create a large and productive garden with irrigation system. In the photos below, you can see that maintaining the system and caring for the gardens is very much a team effort, with adults and children helping out and taking pride in this achievement, making a difference for all in this little village. Donations towards seeds, gardening supplies and equipment are always encouraged and very much appreciated.

The kids really enjoy working in the garden
Irrigation system is a Godsend, and the rains will come soon to help…
There is always work to be done to maintain and improve the facilities for Feed My Lambs village. This will be a new chicken coop – fresh eggs coming soon!

We can never say thank you enough to all of you who continue to support our efforts to do as much as we can for as many as we can in Haiti. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind donations and encouragement.