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Meet our People – FMLM 3

Student since 2013. Will graduate in 2023 and aspires to study Medical Lab

Teacher at Feed My Lambs Academy, Onel Romelus, has sent us this photo of Jacquelineda Romains. Onel shares her story: “….Jacquelineda was born in November 2002, lost her parents when she was just three years old. Her aunt was unable to raise her, so she was sent to an orphanage called Eden Garden. Sadly, this orphanage, like many in Haiti, was unable to continue after a few years,and once again Jacquelineda had to find another home. Fortunately Feed My Lambs Orphanage opened in 2013 and was able to provide this sweet child with a place to call home.

Jacquelineda has thrived and will be completing the Feed My Lambs Academy in June 2023. She is hoping to go on to University to study Medical Lab so that she can serve her communitiy. She says, “God Bless You and Thank You” to all the Feed My Lambs supporters and sponsors for providing her with a home, shelter, food, a good education and an opportunity for a bright and hopeful future. Jacquelineda is confident she will continue her studies and return to help not just the Feed My Lambs organisation, but her family and her community too….”

Volunteering and Sponsoring

One of our Heroes! Meet Marianne Herbert

Marianne Herbert sponsor with Woody

Marianne (Herbie) Herbert is no stranger to many Feed My Lambs Ministry followers. She has been to Haiti several times and is FMLM’s most passionate and ardent supporter. For many years she has raised funds in Bermuda for the children at FMLM — walked dogs, held car boot sales, rummage sales, loaded containers, spoken at gatherings to share the message of opportunities to help in Haiti, and more. Marianne has visited Haiti and worked alongside the care givers and teachers there, getting to know them, encouraging them and caring deeply for them.


These are Marianne’s own words: “….I first went to Haiti seven years ago and have been there 11 times altogether. I originally sponsored five children, one of whom left the orphanage and have since also sponsored a little girl called Edeline and have seen one of my children progress to studying medicine at the Port au Prince University. I also sponsor three children at the school. One of the boys did not have any shoes when I met him.

I was working with another volunteer, Lisa, taking photos and collecting information on some of the students when I first met Woody. He impressed me from the word go, and I had to sponsor him through University. Had I not done so, Lisa would have. He was very mature and very sincere. Woody graduated last year with a degree in electrical engineering and was then working on an English course, which he finished in November. Woody then plans to work at FMLM and has already done a number of projects at the University house in Port au Prince.

Haiti is an unbelievably poor nation. I believe that if every Bermudian visited there, we would not have the materialistic outlook that persists here now….”

If you see or communicate with Marianne, please join us in sending her our heartfelt and abundant gratitude for all she has done and continues to do for Feed My Lambs Ministry in Haiti. And of course, you can DONATE RIGHT HOW to show your own appreciation for the many volunteers and hard working staff who continue to make a difference for the children of Haiti.