23 Feb 22 / Blog

Meet the People – FMLM 1

We are pleased to begin a series of newsletters to introduce you to some of those who are in Haiti right now. We hope that sharing their stories, often in their own words (remember, Haitian French is the native tongue), will reinforce not only our own committment to helping Feed My Lambs Ministry provide shelter, education and support for these children and their caregivers, but also YOUR committment to continuing your support and encouraging others to join us!

First, meet Onel Romelus, formerly an orphan and student, and now secretary and teacher at Feed My Lambs Academy. I met Onel when I was in Haiti in early 2020. He is such an engaging, intelligent, energetic, untiring and promising young man, passionate about his country and helping his fellow Haitians. When I recently contacted him to ask him how things are going (we communicate via email and FB messenger), he let me know that the situation in Haiti is still dangerous and frightening; however, they all remain safe and hopeful in the FMLM orphanage, academy and facility in Montrouis. Much work needs to be done on infrastructure there, such as replacing the batteries and essential repairs of the solar power system, leaking roofs, plumbing and more. They (and those of us who have been there before) are looking forward to when we are able to return with a group of volunteers and will welcome us with open arms and hearts. Here is a photo of Onel, and his story, in his words.

Onel Romelus, Secretary and Teacher at Feed My Lambs Ministry and Academy

“….Full name: Onel Romelus

Career: Software engineer

Place Work: Feed My Lambs Ministry Haiti (Secretary and Teacher)

I came from a family of 10 kids where my family is living the South of Haiti. I left my family when I was 6, I had to move to Port-au-Prince to live with a family and the situation was not good for my family. The new family accepted me. I was part of a project of an Orphanage, after a certain time, we had to move to Montrouis in 1999. From 2000 to 2009 I had grown up in one Orphanage in Montrouis called Eden Garden.

For financials problems the Orphanage had to close his doors. So in that time God sent us Mr. Rego that could continue to help us.

We were like 8 from age 15 to 28 so he created a future for us by renting a place where we could live, providing food and paying school fees for us.

After we finished our classic school in 2012, Mr. Rego and Feed My Lambs did their best to send 2 of us to Dominican Republic to study Computer Science, after like 4 years and 8 months. I was graduated and got my Diploma as a Software Engineer.

Got back in September 2018 to Feed My Lambs where I can support the Organization by teaching Computer class to the FEED MY LAMBS ACADEMY, by helping the kids at the orphanage so they can achieve their goals, by believing in Education so they help their family in the future.

One of my objectives is to support Feed My Lambs the best way I can, I would like to create on opportunity to for every kids in and out Feed my Lambs.

I want to thanks: Mr. Rego, Feed my Lambs and everyone that took and will continue to take parts to help the Haitian people in Montrouis, especially at Feed my Lambs Ministry.

Thank you for your amazing supports! ….”

Click on this link if you are inspired after reading Onel’s story…. Thank you for your valuable time.

Compiled by Diana Martin