18 Jan 21 / Blog

New Year – Fresh Start Building Hope in Haiti

We, along with almost everyone we know, breathed a sigh of relief as we exited 2020. What a challenging year it has been, to say the least. We give thanks every day and count our many blessings – we have such tremendous support from so many, and have been able to keep the orphanage children and FMLM staff safe and healthy, and always planning ahead. Below is photo of the orphanage children after their Christmas Dinner.

At the Orphanage and School at Feed My Lambs Ministry in Montrouis, Haiti, and through ongoing education for Feed My Lambs Academy graduates at University in Port au Prince, with the amazing support of sponsors and donors like those of you reading this newsletter, we are able not only to SHELTER, NOURISH AND EDUCATE children in Haiti, but perhaps even more important, we are providing them with HOPE for a brighter future in their impoverished land (click on these links for further information). Thank you for your donations, time and continued encouragement.

The Orphanage Children Christmas Day 2020 – They want to say a big “THANK YOU”!

We have started welcoming children from the area back to school in 2021. They are so happy and excited to be back at Feed My Lambs Academy, learning so much and enjoying a good meal several days/week thanks to our family of wonderful student sponsors.

Students have returned to school

Thanks to those who responded to our wish list plea for help in November, work on the drainage in the school yard is well under way. Everyone lends a hand – the children assist with sifting the sand for the cement, the teachers, staff and university students have all been helping to dig out the yard, prepare and create suitable drainage to prevent the school yard from flooding during the rains. This will make a big difference, and also provide valuable water which can be used in the gardens.

Many hands make light work!
It’s a community project and a community effort!

We are so proud of our University Students, who have worked hard at the orphanage and school during the pandemic when they were unable to attend school. They are now at University pursuing their studies and are happy to be back at school. When we see these photos, we cannot believe how far they have come and how their hopes, dreams and aspirations have grown, thanks to so much support at FMLM. They are all eager to learn, and eager to give back as they help Haiti grow and thrive. Can you believe the cost per university student in Haiti is only $3,000 – $4,000 per year? What seems like so little to us compared to the cost of education in other countries, a little goes such a long way in Haiti. These students are more grateful for the help they have received than most of us can realise! PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION TOWARDS THESE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS’ EDUCATION.

This young lady has come SO FAR!
Some of our University Students
University Students helped to care for the Orphanage children during the pandemic 2020

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We also encourage you to visit our Facebook Page. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.