20 Jan 10 / Blog

On-Going Crisis in Haiti

On January 12, 2010 just before 5 p.m., a massive 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti in it’s capital city of Port-au-Prince. This island nation has barely recovered from four destructive hurricanes that hit the island in the summer of 2008 and now they are faced with a tragedy that will haunt them for years to come.

The images of the dead and the of wounded in streets of Port au Prince are very disturbing and heartwrenching. We are trying to come up with a plan here in Bermuda that will allow us to go into Haiti with a well equipped and trained medical team that will go in on behalf our country and make a contribution to those that are dire need of help.

We were very distressed over our own orphanage as four of the young men we care for were in Port au Prince that day and we didn’t know if they had gotten out in time. We finally heard from them 24 hours later and the only thing they were able to tell us was that they were all safe and sound, then the phone disconnected. We haven’t been able to connect with them since. But at least we know they are safe.

Our main concern now is for the clinic we sponsor in Port au Prince. We cannot get ahold of anyone. We are still praying that the Lord may have spared their lives and that they may be among many who are giving medical help to the injured.

My post is brief as I await more information.

Continue to pray for the Haitian people as they have to deal with this unspeakable tragedy for a long time to come.

God bless